Millions of moms experience a decline in self esteem and struggle to maintain their own identity after giving birth. Finding quality clothes that are comfortable, and also figure-flattering is nearly impossible. The Prende Pants are a post-baby wardrobe solution that works naturally to support your body after baby and beyond. What makes us different is that we incorporate modern, technical fabrics, with ancient belly wrapping techniques, to provide a confidence boosting solution for new moms.

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“After giving birth to (3) big babies, I hardly recognized myself and desperately searched for clothes that would support my changing body. I wanted to look and feel like the old me again. So much of pregnancy is focused on the anticipation of the baby, that nobody talks about the many complex changes that happen to our bodies after pregnancy. As a Birth Doula, I saw firsthand how those changes can really take a toll on moms self image, and I wanted to do something about it.

I created Prende Pants with modern moms in mind. Women told me what they needed, and I listened. It’s not just about the pants, it’s about creating a community of women who define motherhood on our terms.

It’s time to regain your confidence and reclaim your you!”

TQ Evans
CEO, Prende Pants