Here’s how to wear your Prende Pants!

While holding the wrap to your side, begin firmly wrapping around mid-section, securing evenly (and comfortably) along the back.


What makes them so great:

  • Prende Pants are designed to naturally work with your body to meet its changing needs.

  • Adjustable 4 stage compression lets you decide your comfort level and fit.

  • Cinches your waist, smooths your midsection and supports your back and core. Great for nursing moms!

  • Soft, breathable, moisture-absorbing fabric keeps you cool, comfortable and dry. Bye Bye hormonal sweat!

  • Extra high-waist offers maximum coverage and compliments your entire midsection.

  • Ankle cuff can be worn up, down, or scrunched, based on leg length and preference.

  • Made in America by real moms, using sustainable eco-friendly materials and recycled textiles.


Check out our Size Chart for Best Fit


Watch our “How to Wear Prende Pants” video to learn how our unique belly wrapping design works: