Prende Pants incorporate ancient belly wrapping traditions with modern design, for a confidence boosting solution.

Prende Pants incorporate ancient belly wrapping traditions with modern design, for a confidence boosting solution.

Prende Pants FAQ

Q: What are ancient belly wrapping traditions?


Many traditional cultures around the world honor the time period after birth, for both baby and mother. They see this as a precious period to nurture the mothers body as well as the spiritual, physical and emotional journey of birthing life into the world. Bengkung Belly Binding is a Malaysian method of postpartum care and recovery used by women all over the world. The process involves using a thin LONG piece of fabric and wrapping the abdomen from the lower hips to just under the breasts. In Mexico, the method is referred to as “faja”, using a long thin piece of cloth to wrap around the abdomen close to the uterus. In many African cultures their is a confinement period, hot ritual baths, and traditional foods to accompany the wrap. Indian and Pakistani cultures also use belly wrapping and incorporate massages for both mom and baby.

Benefits of Belly Wrapping

  • Encourages the awareness of your abdominal muscles that support your lower back.

  • Aid the uterus’s natural ability to compress back into shape.

  • Feels like a secure and gentle hug to help balance moods and emotions.

  • Core support: Many women have an issue called diastasis recti during pregnancy or postpartum. It's a gap in between your right and left abdominal wall muscles that can result in a rounded, protruding bulge, that can last a lifetime. Belly wrapping helps to bring those muscles closer together during the healing period after birth so that they are more easily strengthen. It is important to note that belly wrapping does NOT strengthen your core, it supports your core until you are able to implement a core strengthening routine.

  • Breastfeeding: Lactation Specialist’s teach that the proper nursing position is to  “bring the baby to the breast, not the breast to the baby”. This means, don’t lean forward and strain your neck to feed. Sit back, relax, and bring baby to the breast. Belly wrapping can assist with this by simply encouraging your body to have good posture while you nurse.

  • Benefits for C-Section Moms: Belly wrapping can be particularly useful for women who have had a C-section. It can allow for greater mobility by supporting the abdominal tissues. The gentle but firm pressure on the belly may relieve the pulling sensation that many C-section moms experience during movement, coughing or bending.

*** You should always consult your medical provider to make sure that belly wrapping is right for you, especially moms that have had a c-section.

Q: Are Prende Pants just for moms?

Heck no! ANYONE that wants the benefits of a more flattering looking mid-section in comfortable, quality leggings should own a pair of Prende Pants! New mom bodies have gone through a lot and could use the extra love, so this is our sweet spot. However, they really do look and feel great on anyone. So grab a pair and go reclaim your you!

Q: Can you exercise in Prende Pants ?

Absolutely! Prende Pants are designed with a soft, athletic grade, moisture wicking fabric that pulls sweat away from your skin while working out. The built-in belly wrap provides the right amount of abdominal support to help with exercises that require using core strength.

Q: Where can I find a size chart ?

Our size chart can be found by clicking HERE